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Washington Begins the Process of Updating its Water Quality Criteria for Toxics

Posted in Clean Water Act, Emerging Policy, Fish Consumption, Public Health Policy, Rule Making, Uncategorized, Water Quality

I’ve written a fair amount on the issue of fish consumption in Washington, including discussions of the technical issues, speculation about possible impacts of this effort, and the appropriateness of addressing persistent bioaccumulative contaminants within this regulatory framework. On September 13th, Ecology announced it is commencing the long-anticipated formal process of updating its water quality… Continue Reading

Washington’s fish consumption policy efforts take a new turn

Posted in Emerging Policy, Environmental Risk, Fish Consumption, Public Health Policy, Rule Making, Water Quality

Ted Sturdevant, head of Washington’s Department of Ecology, just circulated this letter that backs off from the current path Ecology was on with respect to revising water quality standards and cleanup standards by revising fish consumption rates. I’ve written about this issue a few times: background is here, and some of the implications of the… Continue Reading

Will raising default fish consumption rates result in a cleaner environment?

Posted in Clean Water Act, Emerging Policy, Environmental Risk, Fish Consumption, Public Health Policy, Water Quality

There is more coverage on Washington’s efforts to revise fish consumption rates in today’s Seattle Times. I’ve shared my thoughts on this issue before, discussing the potential for regulatory gridlock, and reporting on early rumors during the start of this process a couple years ago. To summarize the issues, Ecology is looking to increase the… Continue Reading

Fish consumption, water quality standards and . . . regulatory gridlock?

Posted in Clean Water Act, Environmental Risk, Fish Consumption, Water Quality

Over the past two years, Washington’s Department of Ecology has been working to revise the estimates of daily fish consumption of various populations in the state. When coupled with a risk assessment, these consumption rates dictate what is deemed to be acceptable levels of toxics in surface waters, and, because of food web effects, in… Continue Reading

Ecology to Adjust Water Quality Standards to Consider Tribal Fish Consumption?

Posted in Clean Water Act, Emerging Policy, Fish Consumption, Water Quality

I just ran across this article in the Seattle Times by Cassandra Brooks. What is interesting is that it suggests Ecology is going to revise the standard fish consumption numbers used in setting water quality criteria under its delegated authority pursuant to the Clean Water Act. I’ve checked Ecology’s list of current rulemaking, and all… Continue Reading