Right at the end of the last legislative session, the State Legislature passed Substitute Senate Bill 5296, amending Washington’s Model Toxics Control Act, RCW Chapter 70.105D. These amendments are the first significant amendments to MTCA in a while, and hopefully will encourage redevelopment of brownfields in Washington State.

Here are what I’d consider the

Erik Smith over at the Washington State Wire just published a great piece on how the fish consumption issue is hanging up budget negotiations in Olympia. This piece, along with Robert McClure’s piece of investigative journalism from a couple months back frame nicely the political component of the fish consumption issue. The current sticking

I’ve written a fair amount on the issue of fish consumption in Washington, including discussions of the technical issues, speculation about possible impacts of this effort, and the appropriateness of addressing persistent bioaccumulative contaminants within this regulatory framework.

On September 13th, Ecology announced it is commencing the long-anticipated formal process of updating

Ecology released its second draft of its fish consumption rate technical document last week. This updates the first version of the document released last October, which resulted in over 300 public comments from various interested parties. I’ve blogged on various issues related to fish consumption over the past few years, including some