EPA Region 10 released this press release on Monday, summarizing four recent enforcement actions it has taken under the Clean Water Act. There are some commonalities and differences between the four actions that I think are illustrative of Region 10’s enforcement priorities.

First, all four of the entities (Ash Grove Cement Company, Waste Management

Erik Smith over at the Washington State Wire just published a great piece on how the fish consumption issue is hanging up budget negotiations in Olympia. This piece, along with Robert McClure’s piece of investigative journalism from a couple months back frame nicely the political component of the fish consumption issue. The current sticking

Most people familiar with state cleanup laws or the federal counterpart, CERCLA, are familiar with four general classes of liable parties:

1) Owners or operators of contaminated facilities;

2) Past owners or operators of facilities at the time of release or disposal of hazardous substances;

3) Parties that arranged for disposal of hazardous substances at