We’re just over a week into the 2014 legislative session, and there are already some interesting developments. In no particular order, here is what is catching my eye:

First, the Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee held a work session on the fish consumption issue last week. The Association of Washington Business just posted

My weekend reading had a couple themes. The first theme was how many of today’s elections in Washington have national implications, from the minimum wage fight in the city of SeaTac, to the GMO labeling initiative, and, of course, the county council election in Whatcom County-where that council will be

Like most of the world, I’ve been watching intently as the events unfold in Japan. As the nuclear crisis develops there, I cannot help but think about the implications for energy policy here in the United States.

Most people are familiar with the trajectory of nuclear power in the United States. Hailed as a new,