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What We Are Reading November 13, 2014: U.S./China Carbon Emissions Agreement Edition

Posted in Clean Energy, Climate Change, Emerging Policy, Energy Conservation, Energy Policy, Geeky Science Stuff

There is so much that caught my eye this week that I couldn’t make it to Friday before putting this list up. First, on the energy policy front, I’d be remiss in not highlighting President Obama’s agreement with China with respect to carbon emissions. The internet and social media are awash in analysis and commentary… Continue Reading

EPA’s Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule: Implications for Washington State?

Posted in Clean Air Act, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Emerging Policy, Energy Conservation, Energy Policy

EPA released a draft of its Clean Power Plan Rule yesterday, a topic that dominated my Twitter feed all day and already is sharpening the debate on the use of policy and the Clean Air Act to reduce carbon emissions. Our first reaction to the rule was that it likely will have little impact on carbon… Continue Reading

Governor Inslee Signs Executive Order 14-04, Washington’s Carbon Pollution Reduction and Clean Energy Action Plan

Posted in Clean Energy, Climate Change, Emerging Policy, Energy Conservation, Energy Policy, Fuel Efficiency

On April 29, 2014, Governor Inslee signed Executive Order 14-04, titled “Washington Carbon Reduction and Clean Energy Action.” This order supersedes two orders by Washington’s prior governor (EO 07-02 and EO 09-05) and will serve as the framework for Governor Inslee’s actions on climate change. EO 14-04 is a dense nine pages long, and was informed… Continue Reading

Hope, Despair and the Challenges Going Forward: The IEA 2012 Report on World Energy Statistics

Posted in Energy Conservation, Natural Resources and Environment

USA Today had an article last week with the worst good news for carbon emissions that I’ve read in a while. The good news was that U.S. emissions fell to the lowest rate since the mid-1990s, dropping 200 million tons, or 3.8 percent. The bad news is that world carbon emissions rose by 1.4 percent in… Continue Reading

Seattle Energy Code — Part Two

Posted in Energy Conservation, Green Building, Renewable Energy

Point/Counterpoint on Requiring Upgrades When  Buildings Undergo Major Renovation In an earlier post (Part One) I described the broad outlines of the new City of Seattle Energy Code that is under development.  The new Seattle Energy Code seeks to go significantly beyond the newly approved 2012 Washington State Energy Code  – which itself is light… Continue Reading

The Seattle 2012 Energy Code – Part 1

Posted in Energy Conservation, Green Building, Renewable Energy

Grinding Out the Ground Game of Energy Efficiency Back in October of 2011 the Seattle City Council passed a resolution “committing” the City to become a zero-net greenhouse gas emitter by 2050.  Although individuals, cities, and governments or organizations in general seldom achieve lofty goals without first setting lofty goals, we all know that lofty… Continue Reading

The Blessing and Curse of Low BPA Electric Rates as the Northwest Moves Towards a Clean Energy Future

Posted in Clean Energy, Electric Vehicles, Energy Conservation

BPA Administrator Steve Wright was in Seattle in early November as part of a victory lap prior to his announced retirement next February.  The victory lap is well deserved.  He is the longest-serving administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration, having joined BPA in 1981, coming up the ranks until he was named Acting Administrator in… Continue Reading

Seattle Resolves to Achieve Zero Net Green House Gas Emissions by 2050

Posted in Electric Vehicles, Energy Conservation, Legislation, Renewable Energy

Do you believe in magic? There is a certain sense that is what it takes for the Seattle City Council to do what it did on October 3, 2011, when it passed Resolution 31312, which puts the City on the path towards reducing Seattle’s net green house gas emissions level to zero by 2050. The… Continue Reading

The City of Seattle is a Microcosm of Why You Should and Why You May Not Build a LEED Building

Posted in Energy Conservation, Green Building, LEED, Legislation

In 2000 the City of Seattle became the first city in the country to require that all city buildings over 5,000 square feet achieve LEED silver rating. The City’s goal in doing that was to spur development of LEED buildings by demonstrating their value and increasing the familiarity of the local design professions and contractors… Continue Reading