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What Does Data Show About the Economics of Regional Cap-and-Trade?

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Climate Change, Entrepreneurs, Legislation, Natural Resources and Environment, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

Back before the recession, there was a major push in Washington State to adopt a state carbon cap-and-trade program as part of Washington’s membership in the Western Climate Initiative (WCI).  The argument was heated, and like most things these days tended to split on party lines with a gulf between the two.  Democrats generally argued… Continue Reading

Oberlin, Ohio Joins the Ground Game of Carbon Neutrality

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Green Building, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

I was asked last week to refer someone to a consultant who could help them evaluate a business selling carbon credits and renewable energy credits. While I could suggest a consultant to do that, I had to note that selling carbon credits just isn’t the same business as it would have been if the United… Continue Reading

Food Fight! Greenhouse Gas Regulation in 2011

Posted in Legislation, Regulatory, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

For most of the last two years it has been easy to write about climate change legislation. Two years ago, Washington State seemed poised to adopt its own version of a cap-and-trade program as part of the Western Climate Initiative. But that legislation faltered, because it was not well developed and state legislators were bombarded… Continue Reading


Posted in Alternative Fuels, Climate Change, Entrepreneurs, Natural Resources and Environment, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Business

Washington’s Department of Ecology recently issued a report entitled “Washington Western Climate Initiative Economic Impact Analysis,” which predicts that if the cap-and-trade program advocated by the Western Climate Initiative were adopted, the result would be an additional 19,300 jobs by 2020 and $3.3 billion increased economic output in the state product by 2020.  Presumably those… Continue Reading

What’s the Proper Accounting for Forest Off-Sets?

Posted in Green Building, Natural Resources and Environment, Sustainable Business

The American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) held its annual meeting two weeks ago, and as part of that meeting hosted the most heated debate on the proper accounting for carbon sequestration by forests, and the potential credit that forests in the United States may be entitled to that I have heard.  On one side, Mark… Continue Reading

Can Forest Biomass Solve Two Problems at Once? Or Will It Just Give Us Two Dead Birds?

Posted in Alternative Fuels, Natural Resources and Environment, Sustainable Business

We like to think about killing two birds with one stone. Seems efficient. Burning forest biomass to create electricity is one of the potential solutions to reducing CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption. If forest biomass is grown sustainably, it can be produced indefinitely. Burning forest biomass also potentially creates the opportunity to improve forest… Continue Reading