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Washington’s Upcoming Elections and the Environment: Pay Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain

Posted in Climate Change, Emerging Policy, Shellfish Industry

Governor Jay Inslee enjoyed some national publicity this week, when The New York Times published an article about the governor’s climate change policies in the wake of recent deaths of baby oysters in Washington. Mr. Inslee and others attribute the oyster mortality to rising acidification in the Pacific Ocean, which feeds the Puget Sound, caused… Continue Reading

Fact Check: Are Carbon Emissons Contributing to Acid Rain?

Posted in Clean Water Act, Emerging Policy, Geeky Science Stuff, Ocean Acidification, Water Quality

This morning’s twitter feed brought me the latest from Crosscut on Governor Inslee’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce. The most important part of the article was the announcement that the next Taskforce meeting (on July 29th) will include a rollout of a draft plan to meet the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state… Continue Reading

Washington Sea Grant Releases Final Report to the Washington State Legislature on Geoduck Aquaculture Research

Posted in Emerging Policy, Project Permitting, SEPA, Shellfish Industry, Water Quality

Last week, Washington Sea Grant (“WSG”), the research institution based at the University of Washington tasked with funding marine research and coordinating outreach and education related to sustainable use of marine resources, released its final report to the state legislature regarding research conducted on geoduck aquaculture and impacts to the environment. For those of you… Continue Reading

More on Ocean Acidification: My Summary of the IGBP, IOC, and SCOR’s Summary for Policymakers and Implications for the Pacific Northwest

Posted in Climate Change, Emerging Policy, Energy Policy, Geeky Science Stuff, Ocean Acidification, Shellfish Industry, Sustainability

The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP), the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO), and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) released their paper summarizing the results of its Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World this week. This document summarizes the results of a conference held in Monterey, California in September 2012, is aimed at… Continue Reading

Washington Introduces First Legislation to Address Ocean Acidification

Posted in Clean Water Act, Climate Change, Emerging Policy, Ocean Acidification, Shellfish Industry, Water Quality

Yesterday, Senators Rankin, Litzow, Shin and Kline introduced SB 5547 a bill acting on the recommendations of Governor Gregoire’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification. The bill was referred to the Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee. We’ll see if it makes it out of that committee and comes up for a vote. In a nutshell,… Continue Reading

Ocean Acidification Update: New Study on Impacts to Shellfish Industry and Washington’s Regulatory Response

Posted in Climate Change, Emerging Policy, Ocean Acidification, Shellfish Industry

The latest from the group of researchers studying ocean acidification is out–Craig Welch wrote a good article for the Seattle Times on this subject the other day. I’ve previously discussed work done in Hood Canal by this same group of researchers, but this current paper is the first work to directly link oyster larval mortality… Continue Reading